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File your US tax returns (LLC USA)

Specializing in U.S. tax returns for non-residents, our tax preparers will assist you in all aspects of filing your U.S. LLC.

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US Tax Returns


Our all-inclusive offer:
  • Drafting of the support letter
  • Preparation of Forms 1120, 5472, 1040 NR, 1065, 8804, 8805, 8813, and 1065 K-1
  • Our all-inclusive rate, whether your LLC is a single or multiple member
US Tax Returns


Our all-inclusive offer:
  • All the BASIC offer
  • Meeting with a tax specialist to review your situation
  • Help with tax returns in your country of residence
  • Our all-inclusive rate, whether your LLC is a single or multiple member
A customized offer

Why trust us with your LLC USA tax returns?

For more than 10 years, we have been assisting investors who have purchased real estate in the United States, as well as, since 2015, entrepreneurs (e-commerce, freelancers, consultants, etc.) wishing to optimize their tax situation.

Our high-end assistance, worthy of a major international firm, is offered at a reduced price, with a long-term support.

  • A professional service:
    No errors or omissions when entrusting us with your tax returns.
  • Customized support:
    Quick identification of deductible expenses for your business.
  • Compliance with IRS legal and tax requirements
Bundled offer

An attractive rate

$500 per year per company (+20% discount), in case of filing to be made for two companies (or fiscal years)
In case of regularization, it is necessary to catch up with previous tax years (in which case several years may be involved).

If you have several companies, we grant you an advantage in the rates of our services.

If you plan to continue your activity next year, it may be advantageous to pay in advance, allowing you to benefit from the discount as well.